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Jumat, 19 Mei 2006


Scientific American ( http://www.sciam.com/ ) haspublished an article entitled 'How to steal millions in chump change'which was about online credit card theft. The original article canstill be found online at: http://www.efc.ca/pages/media/scientific-american.01aug99.html

No sooner had the article been published than hackers from around theworld undisclosed complete hacking procedures used to obtain creditcard numbers on various websites. One of the most famous one was:http://www.creditcardhack.com/ In May, 2000, at the request of VISA (www.visa.com ) and MasterCard ( www.mastercard.com ), information onthe complete hacking procedures was forced to be TAKEN OFF, so thatcredit card companies would not lose potential customers due to theinsecurity of internet marketing.

However, today credit card fraud is still very much at large aroundthe world and the hacking procedures that were used a few years agoSTILL WORK PERFECTLY TODAY. Since the hacking info has been forced tobe taken off the net for years, credit card companies take forgranted that no one today knows the procedures anymore. But THEY'REWRONG! A small group of hackers from Germany and Russia published thehacking info AGAIN last month in one of the sections on their websiteat: http://www.snz.cc/04.code.htm
I have always been a true believer of the idea that resources on thenet should be shared by EVERYONE absolutely free of charge, andthough my German still leaves much to be desired, I tried my best totranslate the procedures into English and I hope you guys willunderstand it.The site was written in German in a very technical way and it's MORETHAN HARD for not-too-experienced hacker to understand it. However,I've simplified it and put it into simple English.Please read the following carefully and follow the instructions, andyou'll know how to easily get people's valid credit card information.All computer companies make mistakes. As we know, Microsoft made sucha HUGE mistake in its design of Windows XP. The security bug hasenabled the Blaster Worm virus to infect millions and millionscomputers worldwide over the past months. Another company, Yahoo Inc.( www.yahoo.com ) also has a huge security bug in its server. We canget people's credit card information JUST FROM THIS BUG.Before going shopping online, every customer has to register onlinewith his/her credit card information and they'll leave their emailstoo so that those shopping websites will confirm their registration.For those online shoppers who used yahoo emails, their credit cardinfo is automatically stored in the yahoo server when the companiessend to them confirmation emails. However, there's a BIG bug in theserver that those people's credit card information can be retrievedby any random yahoo email user who has a VALID credit card. Tosimplify this, here is how it works:Send an Email to confuse a yahoo server mailbot, so that it willreturn to YOUR EMAIL (if it's a yahoo email, and it takes 3 mins tocreate a yahoo email account) with complete information of people'scredit card information stored in the server in the last 72 hours.This is how you'll get people's VALID credit card information. Nowyou have to do exactly the same as follows:

Send an Email to mailbot4396808@y...With the subject: accntopp-cc-E52488 (To confuse the server)In the email body, write:boundary='0-86226711-106343' (This is line 1)Content-Type: text/plain; (This is line 3) charset=us-ascii (This isline 4, to make the return email readable)credit card number (This is line 7, has to be LOWER CASE letters)000000000000000 (This is line 8, put a zero under each character,number, letter, hyphen, etc)name on credit card (This is line 11, has to be LOWER CASE letters)0000000000000000 (This is line 12, put a zero under each character,number, letter, hyphen, etc)cid/cvv2 number (This is line 15, has to be LOWER CASE letters)0000000000000 (This is line 16, put a zero under each character,number, letter, hyphen, etc)address,city (This is line 19, has to be LOWER CASE letters)0000000000 (This is line 20, put a zero under each character, number,letter, hyphen, etc)state,country,p.o. box (This is line 23, has to be LOWER CASEletters) 00000000000000000 (This is line 24, put a zero under eachcharacter, number, letter, hyphen, etc)type of card (This is line 27, has to be LOWER CASE letters)0000000000 (This is line 28, put a zero under each character, number,letter, hyphen, etc)

expiration date (This is line 31, has to be LOWER CASE letters)0000000000000 (This is line 32, put a zero under each character,number, letter, hyphen, etc)252ads<> (This is line 35)Return-Path: <> (This is line 37, type in your emailbetween < > ) s_You have to make sure you do EXACTLY as what is said above and thecredit card info above the 0000's are absolutely CORRECT/VALID.Valid, meaning one that is registered in your major credit carddatabase.For those who like to play it safe, thinking this is too good to betrue. Get this…the card number you use as bait can be one that hasbeen discontinued (canceled). However, it cannot be expired and thecard information must be correct. If it is expired and theinformation incorrect, you will simply get back " No data retrieved"as a reply. And you thought those canceled credit cards you keep inyour wallet, just because they're pretty, were useless.Here's a sample email: (CAUTION! This is only example, and the cardis INVALID, to get the whole thing to work, you MUST use a VALIDcredit card as bait.

Send to: mailbot4396808@y...Subject: accntopp-cc-E52488Email body:boundary='0-86226711-106343'Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii40139931455654510000000000000000jesse d banks000000000005230002537 stillwell rd.,des moines00000000000000000000000la,usa,505670000000000visa000003/20040000000252ads<>Return-PathOnce again, you have to make sure that you DO NOT COPY THE SAMPLEEMAIL ABOVE, because it will NOT work!!! Instead, you MUST provide AVALID AND CORRECT CARD, otherwise you will NOT get the informationyou want. Get the bait card number from anywhere, AS LONG AS IT'SVALID!!!This may take a few minutes but it REALLY WORKS!!! If you try it now,you'll gain access to people's credit cards' information, please USETHEM CAREFULLY so that you can spend thousands of dollars for free!!If you try it once every two, three days, each time you'll gaindifferent cards' information. I've got information about 11 cardsover the last 5 days!Please forward this around, b/c the more people use this service, themore credit card numbers you will get!!!happy Hacking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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